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Using cutting edge software and automation techniques, we are able to greatly reduce the time and money needed to properly manage a network. Our Managed Technology Solutions (MTS) can act as your in-house IT, or augment an existing IT team so they can focus on the bigger picture. This is a completely scalable solution, from a single workstation to a highly complex network. We price it in a way that you only pay for what you need and never for anything you don’t use.



With proactive maintenance combined with industry best practices that minimizes cost, downtime and keeps employees productive, we keep companies working towards their goals. Instead of paying us to bringing systems back from critical situations, our clients find that our service of proactively maintaining their systems saves them a lot of money.


Our comprehensive maintenance plans allow us to quickly respond to any potential problems; dramatically improving the reliability of your computer systems. In return, our MTS gives your employees direct access to our helpdesk where our technicians solve up to 70% of all technical support issues remotely. Together we will reduce your overall investment in computer-related service costs.

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