Your computer should just work, right?

It’s a critical tool for so much of your daily work that any problem, whether it’s a security threat or a configuration issue, can drastically affect your productivity. That’s why you need the right IT support to make sure your technology is always working the way you need it to.
Motz Technologies’ PC Patrol service was developed with one goal in mind — to make sure our clients’ computers never slow them down. We achieve this by delivering a trio of core services:

  • Cutting-Edge Security: Multi-Layered managed security keeps you protected in an ever-evolving online world.
  • Automatic Off-Site Backup: Automated backup of your critical data keeps it available and secure no matter what happens.
  • Unlimited Remote Support*: When problems do arise, take advantage of unlimited remote support that’s just a click, call, or email away.

Our Lancaster-based IT support team provides expert, local assistance when you need it. The bottom line is that we keep your technology optimized to make sure it’s always helping you do more, instead of holding you back. The best part?

PC Patrol Costs as Little as a Dollar a Day.

Pay by the Year
$1 a day

$365 per year

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Pay by the Quarter
$1.10 a day

$99 per quarter

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Pay by the Month
$1.35 a day

$40 per month

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Don’t Let IT Issues Hold You Back

Keeping your computer running shouldn’t be complicated or expensive — and with PC Patrol, it isn’t!
Get the IT support you need at an undeniably low rate by partnering with Motz Technologies.

Not sure which PC Patrol plan works best for you, contact our team today!

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*Remote support hours are weekdays from 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM.