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Does Motz Technologies Fix Home Network and Computing Issues?

Yes, we do.

We understand that a well-functioning, seamless and secure home IT environment is critical to your productivity. Whether you want to check your social media, finish a work project, collaborate with co-workers, or put final touches on a school project, it’s imperative that you’re able to use your computer or mobile device when, where, and how you need it.

The computer repair and computer service needs for the average home are growing. The Motz Tech team will help you keep up the pace! Our products and services are tailored to address your specific and unique needs. We strive to provide affordable, efficient, and friendly home computer repair and computer support services.

Computer Repair & Residential Computer Services

Here are some of our most popular residential computer repair and computer support services:

  • Remote Support Services – If you can’t bring your computer to us, we’ll remotely and securely access it to fix problems, update software, complete some repairs and offer user training.
  • Hardware Setup – removing the hassle and complexity in setting up and maintaining computers, laptops, printers, home networking gear, etc.
  • Troubleshooting and Repair – diagnosing, recommending, and implementing solutions to tech problems while giving simple, non-technical explanations
  • Data Backup and Recovery – including set up and management of cloud-based backup solutions geared to your needs and budget
  • Virus and malware removal – getting rid of nasty viruses and implementing security solutions that protect your family’s data and devices
  • Secure Connection to the Office – implementing solutions that enable you to communicate, collaborate and access work files from home securely.
  • Compliance – auditing your residential IT environment to comply with company data access policies and regulations
  • Software Management – including installation, updates, and administration, giving you the latest cutting-edge software capabilities and security
  • Managed Services – proactively managing, monitoring, and securing your residential IT environment
  • Office 365 / Dropbox – Consistently delivering support for modern office productivity solutions

Residential Tech Support with a Difference

Our team is dedicated to the user. We offer support, education and jargon-free explanations that regular computer repair shops can’t deliver. With Motz Tech you’ll enjoy:

  • Refreshing, dedicated, and clear expert help
  • Simple and transparent billing
  • Support for many popular devices and brands
  • Guarantee on every repair we make

Motz Technologies residential computer repair and maintenance service technicians are industry certified, professional, and trained in the latest technologies to guarantee you the best results.

Computer Repair Lancaster PA and Surrounding Areas

Let us solve your domestic computer problems while protecting your security, privacy, and confidential information on your systems.