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Is your technology slow with limited access to critical files? Is it getting old and becoming expensive to maintain? Treat your business to the best scalable, flexible, cost-efficient IT Services by Motz Technologies.

IT Service Solutions

Motz Technologies offers cutting edge software and automation techniques to notably reduce the time and money needed to properly manage a network. Let our managed technology solutions be your in-house IT team or use it to aid your existing IT team so they can focus on the big picture.
Scalable and efficient, our managed technology service is perfect for a single workstation or an entire network. We not only keep your systems up and running, we protect your assets from potential problems down the road as well as help you plan for expansion and growth.
Motz Technologies always considers end user impact when making IT decisions. We offer seamless pre-configuration, data migration, server installation, infrastructure upgrades and maintenance. Partner with the skilled technology professionals at Motz Technologies who can provide the IT services you require.
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PC Patrol
Motz Technologies’ PC Patrol ensures you that you can rest easy knowing that your PCs and laptops are in prime condition. Our proactive, preventative service checks the key components of your system each morning. We are able to spot problems- almost always before they cause system downtime.

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Managed off-site backup
Having a backup solution is crucial. With all the issues with cyber security out there these days you don’t want to risk losing your critical data or systems. We can setup, monitor, and maintain your backup solution so that you can be sure your data is there when you need it.

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IT Consulting
Need help with a large scale set-up? Not sure if current network work will work for your company’s bright future? Our IT consulting service can help you navigate the complex computer network landscape, so you can find the right solution for your company’s need.

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Turn-Key IT Solutions
Implementing new servers or other equipment can be a large and cumbersome project. We will happily work with any of your existing vendors or service providers to provide true Turn-Key IT Solutions.

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Big projects and grand schemes are great, yet when it comes down to the brass tacks you need everything to work. From the big complex servers all the way down to the individual workstations, our helpdesk services can help ensure that everything runs like it should. Should your users have problems or need help, they know who to call.

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Virus and Malware Removal
At Motz Technologies we love to help you and your business run efficiently. Our way of removing viruses or malware is cost effective and less invasive. Often times it is done WITHOUT having to reload the operating system. We can even remove some infections remotely, when the systems aren’t being used. The removal shouldn’t cause you any more downtime what the virus or malware caused by itself.

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Break/Fix Services
Despite everyone’s best efforts, things still break. We offer break/fix services to help get system back online quickly after a failure. Using innovative techniques we can often recover from failures with little or no lost data!

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Network Setup
Ready for a network but have no idea how to get started? We can design and implement a network that can help take your business to the next level.

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Security Solutions
Proper security it critical! We offer HIPAA and PCI compliant security solutions to help keep your data protected. Even if you don’t need compliance, our advanced security solutions can help project your business from all sorts of online threats.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Having a backup solution is crucial. Don’t risk losing your critical data or systems to a disaster. For critical systems, we can implement advanced disaster recovery solution. We can setup, monitor, and maintain your backup and disaster recovery solutions, so you can be sure that when you need them, they’re there period.

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Cloud Solutions
Cloud based services continue to grow and evolve. Can you take advantage of these services to improve your bottom line? We can help implement and maintain a wide variety of cloud based services. From E-mail hosting to cloud based file storage, we can help you use the latest advancements to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology and productivity.

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Secure Your Businesses Data

We have a remote safety and backup plan to fit every business.

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Partner with the skilled technology professionals at Motz Technologies who can provide the IT services you require.

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