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Office Productivity Spotlight: SharePoint Online

Office Productivity Spotlight: SharePoint Online

You just had another shipment go out with a missing item that you now have to pay to ship it separately. Your team has a manual to follow, but it’s not working. You’re presenting a PowerPoint presentation to a new prospect, but realize as it’s on the screen that you didn’t save the final copy. There are too many file versions in too many different places. There’s a powerful productivity tool in the Office 365 suite that could solve those issues, plus help your business operate much more efficiently. Unfortunately, it’s often woefully underutilized just because people don’t fully understand its power. If you’re not using SharePoint Online from Office 365, you’re missing out! Our team at Motz Technologies doesn’t just provide IT support, we help your business operate at peak efficiency. One of the tools we advise our clients in the Lancaster, PA area on is SharePoint Online. It’s one tool that provides tons of productivity-boosting functions to help businesses operate better, faster, smarter. In our Spotlight, we’re going to go through some of the ways your business can save time and money by moving to SharePoint Online by Microsoft. Simplify Your Office Connection, Workflow, Communication & Automation Before we get into the full list of what SharePoint does, we’ll talk about the two examples above, common in many offices around the world, and how this software could’ve avoided those mishaps. Automated Checks and Alerts for Shipments One of the powerful tools built into SharePoint is the ability to automate workflows and set alerts if something needs attention. Imagine a workflow set up that requires a “check” before... read more
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