Data Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Can You Ensure That I Always Have Access to My Data?

Do you have backups of critical data and IT infrastructure to continue operating when catastrophe strikes?

We’re here to make sure you do.

We make it our priority to safeguard your data and ensure that you have access to it whenever you need it.


Because data availability minimizes downtime and helps you quickly regain operational capacity if disaster strikes.

What Kind of Disasters Could Limit Your Access to Your Data or Workflow?

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Human Error
  • Local Criminal Activity
  • Power Surge
  • Power Loss
  • Storm

Data is critical to your business. It’s how you keep track of customers, suppliers, finances, etc. Without it, your organization risks grinding to a halt.

Let’s face it.

Disaster can strike at any time. It might be caused by human error, sync issues, natural disasters or malicious internal or external forces out to destroy your business. Research indicates that 60% of all companies that lose critical data shut down within six months of the loss.

Don’t be one of them.

Don’t take any chances with your data. Take advantage of our affordable, safe, and convenient data backup and disaster recovery services to safeguard your business.

What Does Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Entail?

Our work is to protect your work!

Motz Technologies comprehensive data backup and recovery services ensure that your business can continue operating – even after a localized disaster.

Our services comprise some of the following components:

  • Data Backups – Setup, monitoring, and maintenance of critical data systems to a secure, accessible, and convenient off-site location. We eliminate the complexity from the entire process, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you have access to your data when you need it most.
  • Disaster Recovery – Planning, deploying, and testing the infrastructure and systems to help you keep working even if the worst happens. We work closely with you to create a full virtual copy of critical business data systems in the cloud and lay down procedures on how to quickly access and use it if required.
  • Business Continuity – Tomorrow is unpredictable. Through business continuity planning, we help lay down the procedures that ensure the protection of your online assets – databases, files, applications, etc. These efforts give your business a fighting chance when disaster strikes.

What Are the Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery Services?

Having a plan is crucial to your continued operations in face of data loss.

Our data backup and disaster recovery services ensure that you can comfortably navigate calamities and keep afloat in challenging circumstances

Some of the perks to your business include:

  • Preparedness against future incidents that can jeopardize your operations
  • Peace of mind that your critical data is safe, secure, and ready when you need it most
  • Minimization of recovery costs should you face a tragedy that threatens business operations
  • Protection of company reputation – seamlessly serving your customers even during the difficult times
  • Retention of your competitive edge over the competition when competitors are falling prey to unexpected negative circumstances – storms, power surges, ransomware

By partnering with Motz Technologies, you ensure your business’ continued capability for success. We help you quickly regain the ability to continue working at your facility or in the cloud with ease.

Pick up the phone. Let’s talk about putting your business on a more secure footing.