What Is The “Cloud”?

Before we get to the how and why, it’s important for you to clearly understand what the cloud is and what it is not.

Cloud computing, like the name suggests, is the process of making use of system resources (such as storage) remotely.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that you may not actually have to buy any new hardware. Sometimes, software is included in cloud offerings as well.

All you will need is an internet connection and an access device to be able to use high performance, secured, always available IT resources.

Our Data centers are maintained to the highest of industry standards and are designed with secure, efficient client access in mind.

How Can You Use the Cloud to Your Benefit?

When cloud computing was first introduced, it was mainly used for remote backups and some extra computing power here and there, but now, almost every service is available through the cloud. Some of the services available within the cloud are:

  • Data Migration – moving your data from in-house to the cloud or from one cloud platform to another
  • Disaster Recovery – hosting your data and workflow within the cloud to enable use when access to in-house IT assets is limited by localized disaster
  • Managed Hosting – housing applications, data, websites, and other IT assets in the cloud where they are remotely maintained and monitored
  • Desktop as a Service – shifting employee activities and workflow to the cloud so that applications and data can be accessed from any internet-connected device
  • VOIP – making use of modern, internet infrastructure for professional telephone functionality
  • GPU Computing – satisfying graphic-intensive requirements without using an actual GPU
  • Hybrid IT Management – leveraging an IT strategy that houses some data and workflow on premise and some in the cloud
  • Video – hosting and using video within the cloud – from simple streaming to production and editing
  • Mobile – harnessing cloud assets to get work done from any internet-available location
  • Email – getting all the benefits of a business mail server, without the upfront cost
  • Virtual Servers – making use of a virtual environment as a server instead of housing a physical server on-site
  • Testing and Development – speeding the process of creation and deployment by using cloud assets
  • Data – doing everything in the cloud from data collection and storage to data analysis and visual display
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – cutting out expensive infrastructure investments and paying only for operational expenditures

We make the cloud work for you.

Let us have a talk with you and understand how you want to use cloud computing. From there, we’ll design, deploy, and configure cloud assets that you can use easily from your computer or mobile device.

Why Are Business Leaders Gravitating Toward Cloud Computing with Motz Technologies?

  • IT infrastructure that is always updated
  • Low to no up-front costs
  • Avoid the expense of in-house cloud experts
  • IT infrastructure that meets legislative and industry standards
  • Outsourced cloud professionals to handle all the technical stuff
  • Secure, resilient, global access to data and workflow

We can help! Simply put, the cloud makes business less stressful.