Information technology is at the core of modern businesses – from sending emails and updating social media, to compiling and analyzing data. Therefore, having a robust, reliable, and secure IT environment is critical to your organization’s success, but that requires investment both in infrastructure and personnel. We’ll help you get the most out of that IT investment.

Motz Technologies – Your Reliable and Dedicated IT Services Company

The Motz Tech team leverages technology to make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. Our IT professionals are guided by a core set of values that power our promise of unparalleled service to you.

  1. Customer Service: Our team provides white glove service to every client – every time. Our clients stay with us because we take excellent care of them. In fact, we have a 99% customer retention rate.
  2. Integrity: We aim to become your trusted IT advisor. We will always do the right thing for you and your business.
  3. Confidentiality: We understand data is one of the most precious assets of any business. Your data and your customer’s data will always be safe with us.
  4. Transparent Billing: You will always know what you are paying for – no hidden fees or complex invoicing.

We eliminate the hassle and complexity of dealing with your IT needs, and more critically, we simplify the process – freeing you and your team to focus on your core business. Below is our typical step-by-step approach to solving your problems.

The Motz Approach – Taking Your Business to the Next Level

When we are approached by a prospective client – like you – these are the steps that we take.

  • Free assessment – A thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your business environment and technology systems. We review all critical technology areas, evaluating them against industry best practices, and then give you a detailed roadmap to better leverage or improve your IT environment.
  • Identify shortcomings of your IT environment – Based on our evaluation findings, we work with you to remediate weaknesses and bottlenecks that are slowing you down. These could be things like network issues, outdated hardware, unpatched software, malicious threats, mobile device management issues etc.
  • Quote – Our assessment and findings guide us in making recommendations that will strengthen your IT environment and support strategic objectives. We base our fees on a transparent model and give you a custom, and detailed quote to make the best decision for your budget.
  • Contract – We’ll then provide you with a written contract, detailing the products, services and expectations, based on the recommendations, solutions, or services you require.
  • Audits – We run initial deep-dive, internal audits of your IT environment, so we can learn everything about your network and provide the best level of support possible. Our audit process allows us to dig into your IT environment at a more granular level than our free assessment.
  • Work on a Time and Materials basis to bring IT environment up to standard – Our team works with you to get your IT environment in shape so it can be managed effectively.
  • Deployment – Finally, our team deploys the tools required to take a more proactive approach in troubleshooting, monitoring, managing, and maintaining your IT systems.

Motz Technologies Pro-Business IT Services

  • Managed Services – Proactively maintaining, managing, monitoring, and securing your IT environment
  • Data Backup and Recovery – Automatically ensuring that your data and workflow is backed up and available to you
  • Cloud Solutions – Thoughtfully implementing cloud solutions that provide for scalability, mobility, and cost savings
  • IT Consulting – Regularly providing executive-level IT consulting for technology-impacted decisions
  • Help Desk – Resolving everyday IT issues to keep workflow moving
  • Office 365 / Dropbox – Consistently delivering support for modern office productivity solutions

Motz Technologies is with you every step of the way. We are your dedicated IT partner, helping you navigate and leverage your technology to build a thriving and profitable business. Let’s talk.