Healthcare IT Services & Technology Support
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Want the worry-free kind of IT support? – That’s what we provide to our medical business clients.

Frustrated with Taking Time from Patients to Address IT Issues?

You entered the healthcare arena with a passion for helping your patients get the care they need to be healthy and well.

Technology plays a critical role in helping you achieve your patient outcomes. However, managing your IT assets in-house has proven too great a challenge, taking you out of the work that you want to get accomplished.

Now, you’re looking for an IT support provider that understands Healthcare IT. – That’s us.

What Motz Technologies Offers Your Healthcare Business

  • Helping you achieve and maintain compliance with the twenty-nine policy requirements of HIPAA
  • Aiding you in your search for more effective patient-facing technologies for communication and collaboration
  • Ensuring efficient integrations between practice management software and smart healthcare technology
  • Enabling you to utilize EMR/EHR on both desktop and mobile applications securely

Motz Technologies understands the medical industry and its technology needs. This expert knowledge has equipped us with the necessary skills to provide IT consulting, monitoring, maintenance, and top-shelf security services to healthcare-related businesses just like yours.

Whether you need HIPAA compliance expertise, enhanced network security, risk assessment consulting, or comprehensive compliance scans, Motz Technologies has you covered.

Healthcare IT Services

Your organization is either using or is considering using more modern medical technologies. We’re happy to help you evaluate your options and support the implementation and integration of your IT choices.

  • Smart Healthcare Technology for Seniors – Wearables, HIPAA-compliant messaging, tablets, etc.
  • Physical Security Systems Integration – Protecting patients with surveillance, IP cameras, and verified RFID identification scanning
  • Patient Data Security – Encryption and two-factor identification
  • Tomorrow’s Healthcare Tech Today – Such as HIPAA-compliant video chat
  • Smart Healthcare IT Options – Remote patient monitoring, remote diagnosis, telehealth, clinical mobility, etc.
  • Improved Healthcare IT Infrastructure – Renovating current and replacing outdated networks to improve clinical collaboration

Having the right IT support team on your side will enable you to deliver more effective care and will undergird your efforts to help your patients have better health outcomes.

Our Lineup of Healthcare IT Services

  • HIPAA Compliance Consulting and Management — Giving you compliant systems, policy alignment, and HIPAA IT compliance training for your staff
  • Managed Services – Proactively maintaining, managing, monitoring, and securing your IT environment
  • Data Backup and Recovery – Automatically ensuring that your data and workflow is backed up and available to you
  • Cloud Solutions – Thoughtfully implementing cloud solutions that provide for scalability, mobility, and cost savings
  • IT Consulting – Regularly providing executive-level IT consulting for technology-impacted decisions
  • Help Desk – Resolving everyday IT issues to keep workflow moving
  • Office 365 / Dropbox – Consistently delivering support for modern office productivity solutions