Help Employees Avoid Phishing Emails

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Phishing Emails

Phishing attacks cost businesses about $9 billion per year. The best defense lies in showing your employees what to look for and partnering with an experienced IT cybersecurity firm to find and shore up other vulnerabilities in your network.

Motz Technologies can help you avoid a successful phishing attack by:

  • Running a phishing test that identifies weak points and helps you focus on staff training
  • Evaluating your network and making recommendations to tighten security
  • Providing tips on how to get employees to stop opening suspicious emails and links.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a tactic used by cybercriminals hoping to break into your network. By masquerading as a person or organization you trust, malicious hackers try to entice you into clicking on an email or opening a link that unleashes ransomware on your device. Once the virus launches, digital thieves snoop for passwords, usernames and credit card information. They may even break into your network and shut it down, demanding a ransom for access to your own data.

How Can I Tell If It’s A Phishing Email?

These tips can help you and your employees recognize phishing emails designed to steal your information:

  • Incorrect Domain: Before you open an email, check the domain name. If a message claims to be from your bank, you should doublecheck to make sure it’s from the right domain. Sometimes the names are close, so you have to remain vigilant.
  • Suspicious Links: Hover your mouse over the link without clicking it. This shows you where the address is going. Links can look legit but lead to sites that launch spyware or other viruses.
  • Spelling and Grammar: For whatever reason, many phishing attempts contain poor spelling and grammar. Paying attention to these details may save your company from falling prey to cybersecurity predators. Be very suspicious if there are several glaring errors.
  • Specificity: Lack of specific details is another indication of foul play. For example, a phishing email might be missing your name. Hackers tend to use vague salutations such as Valued Customer, which they reuse on countless other email attacks.
  • Urgent and Threatening: True marketing and sales approaches use polite and nonthreatening language. If you receive aggressive emails such as “Your account is now suspended” that raises a huge red flag. The phishing is designed to make you act without thinking and unwittingly put your network at risk.
  • Attachments: Phishers sometimes try to get you to open an infected attachment, so you should be aware of any anomalies and anything that looks off in the subject line or other information.

Choosing the right technology can help you prevent phishing, fraud and related concerns. It all comes down to the time and effort you are willing to put in. Therefore, it’s vital that you give your employees the right training to see through scams in their inboxes. You can report phishing to the anti-phishing working group (APWG).

Why You Should Choose Motz Technologies?

Are you in the market for a business IT company? Motz Technologies provides proven protection against cybercriminals. Reach out to schedule an initial consultation today.