Four Essential Outsourcing IT Services Questions

Are you worried that your company’s IT is limiting your successful? Don’t waste your time and money on inadequate in-house solutions; outsource your IT needs!  

Outsourcing IT Services

Today’s companies depend on technology more than ever before. Without the right IT support, you are not only risking the profitability of your business but are leaving yourself and your customers open to security threats.

One solution is to invest 100’s of thousands of dollars on hardware and in-house staff to modernize your company’s aging tech. However, that is not a realistic option for most small and medium-sized business. So how can a business get the IT support it needs to grow without going bankrupt in the process?. The answer is to outsource IT support from a third-party vendor.

More and more Pennsylvania companies of all sizes are beginning to realize that third-party IT support is the way to go. However, business owners often struggle when it comes to hiring the right IT support partner. If you are considering outsourcing your IT needs, don’t make an expensive hiring mistake. Motz Technologies suggests you ask any potential IT support company four basic questions to determine if they are the right company for you.

Don’ Hire an IT Partner Without Asking These Questions

  1. Please explain how your IT solutions will meet our current industry standards? Every industry is different, and each one has its own requirements. There is a considerable difference between the IT needed to run a financial company and the technology required for a chain of restaurants. Ensure that your IT partner is not trying to sell you a one-size-fits-all product. Ask the sales rep break down exactly how his company intends to make your life easier, and which tools they will use to do it.
  2. How does your company ensure that our company’s IT will comply with local, state, national, and international regulations? Keeping track of ever-changing regulations is an important yet time-consuming part of running your business. Failing to keep your company legally compliant opens you up to costly lawsuits and fines. Prevent this by making sure the IT partner you are planning to hire understands your company’s specific needs and can meet your industry’s regulatory requirements.
  3. What is your average downtime per month, and what do you do to reduce that number? Downtime is extremely costly. Even an hour or two of down servers or a malfunctioning intranet can take a real toll on your employees’ productivity and your business’ bottom line. When you partner with an IT firm which takes a proactive approach to managing your technology for you, you will experience significantly less downtime. Try to look for an IT firm which offers full-time monitoring and is ready to respond to any situations 24/7.
  4. What is not included in the standard IT partnership agreement? Be careful when comparing the cost of service contracts for different IT partners. Many low-cost IT support teams include just the bare minimum in their monthly service charge. These companies make the majority of their profits from outrageous one-off fees for simple tasks like installing new software or even sending you a bill every time they apply an upgrade. Ask for a complete list of all possible additional costs, and think twice about any company which is reluctant to provide one.

Motz Technologies is the third-party IT support choice for many Central PA businesses. With years of experience and 100 percent certified IT technicians, Motz Technologies is ready to answer all of your questions openly and honestly. Call 717-204-4567 to find out more.