Outsourcing IT Offers Many Benefits to Small and Large Companies

Do you need to increase your company’s IT to remain competitive but don’t have the skills or budget to do it on your own? Hire a managed IT provider!  

Companies are experts when it comes to their industries, but many small and medium-sized businesses are at a loss when it comes to dealing with the technology they need to grow. This situation leaves many companies at a considerable disadvantage when competing with larger firms with in-house IT departments. Until recently, growing a company meant hiring a dedicated IT person to develop and maintain its IT needs, something which is not in the budget. But today, there is another option — outsourcing a third-party IT provider. With more than two-thirds of companies using some type of managed IT, isn’t it time to explore all the benefits for your business?

Three Ways Managed IT is the Best Solution For Smaller Companies

Businesses are outsourcing everything from desktop support to their cybersecurity needs. Worldwide, companies spent more than 85 billion dollars on managed IT services in 2018 alone. There are many reasons why more than a third of companies plan to increase their IT outsourcing, including:

Access to Affordable Specialists and Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology is a highly specialized field and requires dedicated professionals and the most up-to-date hardware to remain competitive. Unfortunately, that also means investing big bucks. But when you outsource through a managed IT provider, you know you are getting the highest level of expertise and access to robust hardware and software, all at a fraction of the price you would pay on their own.

The Ability to Scale your Business Effortlessly

Face it; your IT needs change over time. As you grow your business, either by adding more staff members or by expanding the services or products you offer, you require a technology that is able to keep up. No matter what your IT needs are now, or how often they change in the future, a good managed IT provider will have the people and the equipment to make scaling up effortless.

Let your Team Do What It Does Already Does Well

Your company is successful for one reason: you and your team are always doing your best to your customers with the service and support they deserve. Therefore, it makes no sense to take away from the core focus of your company to handle your technology infrastructure. Avoid all the hassles and headaches of doing everything yourself by outsourcing all or part of your IT needs to a provider who is just passionate about providing customer care. The ability to concentrate on doing business without the distraction of IT is one of the main reasons 57 percent of companies go with managed IT.

Whether you are starting a new company, or looking for ways to reduce costs without hurting productivity, outsourcing your IT to a third-party provider makes good business sense. Call Motz Technologies at 717-204-4540 to talk to a managed IT expert who can answer any questions or concerns.