Network Installation Services in Pennsylvania by Motz Technologies

Motz Technologies Professional network installation offers swift and reliable maximum security for both small and large corporations in Pennsylvania. We understand the need to have robust network security systems that provide your employees with easy access to data and guarantee a great customer experience. Having the best connectivity rates for communication with top-notch cabling services enhances your business processes, allowing you to beat your competitors.

We install various standard office drops and remote connections and connect them directly using fiber to let your business operate on the cloud and mobile. Get excellent connectivity from building to building and office to office with a secure network set up on top experienced technicians.

Network Installation Services in Pennsylvania

Why use Motz Technologies for your Network Installation?

Evaluating the type of network installation service and the type of installation company to use can be daunting. However, the network’s basis for success lies in its foundation, just like building a skyscraper. We have the best network topologies and layouts that help your business from the start to many subsequent years to come. Working with an expert in this critical starting point would be best to ensure your office network will work without hitches.

If you already have a working network, it would be best to get proper maintenance service. Many network topologies change with the current technological adjustments, and you may need to update your system. Hire us for a seamless service that suits your business needs.

Motz Technologies Network Installation Services

We offer various services for small and big companies to optimize their networks and offer the best connectivity. You can hire us for any of the following network installation services.

1.      LAN and WAN Network Installation Services

We have a lot of years of experience of laying out various business LAN and WAN networks. The technicians help to extend your LAN to include multiple devices on your premises, such as printers, WiFi hotspots, and company servers. With a proper LAN installation, we ensure every user can access a shared printer and connect seamlessly to the company servers for data sharing to reduce company costs. Hire us for LAN and WAN installation services in your business.

2.      VPN or Remote Access Setup and Configuration

Motz Technologies configures an additional simplified VPN to secure your network and enable remote work without the threat of intrusion. You enjoy a next-gen service that caters to your private network powered by a mesh-connected, multi-tenant, and high-speed network that covers a worldwide point of presence. We also enable the services to include various users without connecting to your servers or proprietary hardware. We help you protect your employees from cybersecurity threats and prevent any user from accessing untrustworthy websites.

3.      Wireless Networking Services

We first carried out a comprehensive site survey to install or renovate wireless networking services. However, site surveys can be expensive investments to meet the optimum performance of the network. Therefore, you can use our affordable services with top-trained engineers from our company who carry out physical wireless propagation tests and determine the most suitable location to ensure 100% configuration. We carry out the installation process with minimum disruption of your business while working quickly and efficiently to install any required cabling and infrastructure.

4.      Network Security Services

Your company’s internal infrastructure needs real-time protection from undesired access, mishandling, and attacks. With our network security services, we provide comprehensive network infrastructure assessments to look for anomalies and evaluate the security of internet and intranet connections. We use the information to implement an effective firewall and other protective measures customized to your needs.

5.      Network Maintenance

Network maintenance is critical with the changes and increased connections in the world. You need to keep your company connected by keeping your network upstaged and reducing downtime occurring due to technical challenges. These will negatively affect your business growth. We save you costs of hiring internally by providing fast and reliable network maintenance services. We monitor your network and repair it for any issues before causing any harm.

6.      Windows Active Directory Setup

Do you have challenges connecting your employees with network resources? We solve this by setting up a Windows Active Directory setup that enables the users to connect fast with network resources and get the work done. The technicians provide maximum safety for the solution since the Active Directory contains critical information. Therefore, we ensure you enjoy the full benefits of the setup by implementing it as per your business policies.

7.      Server and PC Setup

It would help if you operated with an expert to ensure the services ran efficiently from installing your servers and PC connection. There is a seemingly endless array of choices you can make when picking the proper setup to use for your company. Luckily, the setup process is effortless by our experienced team. They help to create a personalized server and PC setup to drive your business and achieve its goals. We have the tools and knowledge to make your server powerful and connected to all the PCs in your company.

8.      Cloud Services and How to Connect To the Network

Talk to our technicians when you want to host IT infrastructures and access your storage networks on the cloud. We provide encrypted connections for maximum protection while operating in the cloud. Cloud computing is varied, and we will pick the right option for you, unique in terms of users and its security. Therefore, you can operate and work from anywhere with our cloud network services.

You can also hire us for other services, such as:

  • Data Cabling and Other Low Voltage Cabling Services
  • Internet Access and Internet Security
  • Setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, or UNIX Networking Systems

Network Installation Services By Motz Technologies

When you are ready to start using the most affordable and best network installation services in Pennsylvania, reach out to our customer care desk to get your risk-free quote. We guarantee the best services for your critical IT functions.  Your organization will enjoy cuts to its IT budget allotments, a boosted production line, and effective marketing. Contact us Today to get started.