Motz Technologiees Can Keep Your Manufacturing Company Cybersecure

Manufacturing businesses could benefit from the experienced cybersecurity consultants at Motz Technologies. Let us recommend applications and other security services that help you keep your intellectual property and other data secure.

Cybersecurity for manufacturing companies involves a unique perspective. IT consultants at Motz Technologies understand the relationship between intellectual property, proprietary information and the vulnerabilities corporate data faces in the digital space.

Approximately 75% of manufacturing organizations develop programs for cybersecurity awareness, yet just 37% say their programs are effective. Cybersecurity should be a major focus for your organization. Hiring Motz Technologies to oversee this function frees up internal resources to concentrate on their other responsibilities.

Is Your Manufacturing Business Cybersecure?

Manufacturing companies don’t typically store massive amounts of customer information. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t targets for hackers and digital opportunists. The following questions can help you determine where to concentrate your cybersecurity spend.

Are You A Prime Target For Hackers?

If your database has information about companies, their leaders, phone numbers or addresses, you may make a great target for hackers. Credit cards are even more attractive to digital thieves looking to exploit weaknesses and conduct business on the Dark Web. Thieves buy and sell information to other parties or they may try to extort money in order to give you back access after a ransomware attack. Manufacturers with healthcare, legal and financial data are even more vulnerable.

How Protected is Your Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property includes digital prints, product proposals and other trade secrets, such as proprietary manufacturing processes. Cybercriminals are now supported by governments and other organizations with deep pockets. They steal corporate data and sell it to whoever will pay the most for it.

What Trade Secrets Would Your Competitors Love to Get?

In some alternate universe, everyone might be honest and reliable. In our reality, that’s not the case. Some people prefer to lie, steal and cheat to get what they need.

Your IP address is great information for competitors to get hold of. If they steal your IP, your business can be disrupted, impacting your manufacturing efforts. This is a potential win for aggressive competitors.

How Much Data Stolen Each Year?

According to Electronic Design, Tesla caught a malicious traitor. First, valuable intellectual property was accessed, then source code alterations threatened the company’s operations. The same thing could happen to any company. Human error, phishing and malware can bring manufacturing companies to their knees. Unfortunately, these attacks happen several times a day. Contact Motz Technologies to keep your manufacturing company out of that statistic.

How Can You Safeguard Your Company’s Network?

Small businesses are often targets of attack, including manufacturers. In the current cyberwar, companies and employees must remain vigilant. Otherwise, your business could be vulnerable to failure.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a publication that outlines best practices in this area, including:

  • Detection: Implement activities to pinpoint cybersecurity risks.
  • Protect: Develop safeguards for critical infrastructure services. This limits your vulnerability and limits the scope of possible bad outcomes.
  • Identify: Manage cybersecurity on multiple levels to protect your data, assets, systems, and capabilities. This gives your employees the opportunity to participate in keeping the data safe. An effective risk management strategy also includes:
    • Risk Assessment
    • Business Environment
    • Governance
    • Asset Management
    • Risk Management Strategy
  • Respond: Document the steps to take if a breach or threat has been identified. Examples include writing out the response plan using the following categories:
    • Communications to employees and other parties
    • Analysis of the root cause
    • Mitigation to limit the impact
    • Improvements to prevent a recurrence
  • Recover: Develop and implement measures to take to restore data and services compromised by the attack. Take the time to review and correct any weaknesses in your security strategy.

What Are The Challenges Manufacturers Face?

Manufacturing businesses could benefit from the experienced cybersecurity consultants at Motz Technologies. Let us recommend applications and other security services that help you keep your intellectual property and other data secure. Cybersecurity risks are real. One breach can ruin the trust you have to build up with consumers and suppliers and deeply hinder your business operations.

Contact Motz Technologies with your IT consulting and security needs to shore up any gaps in the system.