IT Support That Fits Your Small Business

Today’s IT industry has grown to the point that it seemingly has something to offer everyone. From IT consulting to risk assessments to fully managed services, the available models of IT support can meet the needs of Fortune 500s, small high-end firms, and everyone in between.

But what about you?

The Big Problem With Modern IT Support…

Depending on the size of your business, you might be feeling a bit like Goldilocks right now – nothing is quite right. You’ve got 1-5 PCs that you rely on for your daily work, and you need IT support to keep them in optimal shape.

However, hiring your own internal IT support is either too expensive, or not sufficient to support your needs. On the other hand, you can’t afford to outsource to a major IT consulting and managed services firm.

You’re stuck in the middle, with no good option for getting the IT support you need at a price you can afford. It’s for businesses like yours that the Motz Technologies team designed a very specific service…

Introducing PC Patrol – IT Support That Fits Your Business

Designed for home users and micro-businesses alike that have up to 5 PCs, PC Patrol delivers each and every advantage of managed IT, but on a more cost-effective scale.

PC Patrol gives you:

  • Multi-Layered managed security software keeps you protected with Anti-Virus, Anti-Ransomware, Firewall, and Web Security Filtering.
  • Daily backup of your critical files keeps them safe from harm.
  • Unlimited remote support helps you get the help you need quickly, without having to worry about any surprise bills.
  • Accurate alerts that mean we can address problems quickly.
  • Proactive performance monitoring to detect when tune-ups or upgrades may be needed
  • Peace of mind knowing that Windows and other software is updated and operating properly.
  • Reduced downtime and increase productivity in the office or at home.
  • Discounts on any Motz Technologies onsite repair for your monitored PC.

PC Patrol takes just 30 minutes to implement – it’s as simple as that!

We’re proud to deliver an IT service that will make a difference for small businesses like yours. We know that you would otherwise have to invest in exorbitantly expensive managed services or rely on insufficient IT support. Or worse, hire each of the above IT services individually – PC Patrol offers a 56% savings on doing so.

You deserve IT support that has your business in mind. You shouldn’t have to overspend or put up with minimal IT capabilities that slow you down or put you at risk.

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