Even if you have a reliable internal IT team, that doesn’t mean an external IT company can’t help you do even more.

Do you know the ways an IT company can help you drive business results?

IT Company

Just because you have an effective internal IT team doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a little help.

So many managers and owners and managers in your position assume they don’t need an IT company. After all, you’ve spent time and money hiring, training and managing a team that can handle your IT internally – what could an IT company offer you now?

More than you might think…

The Difference Between Maintenance And Growth

The key reason why organizations with strong IT teams could still benefit from outside help is that it’s a matter of growth.

Your internal IT team is undoubtedly quite capable of managing the daily, minor tasks that come with the ongoing maintenance of a business’ IT environment. Support requests, troubleshooting, resetting passwords, etc.

However, they may not be as well prepared to help grow, transform, and ultimately improve your organization’s IT. Doing so requires time, perspective, and expertise.

These are all ways in which an outside IT company will excel.

What Key Goals Will An IT Company Help You Achieve?

Long-Term Strategy: While your internal team is focused on the nitty-gritty, an IT company can consult on more long-term goals and help you develop a strategic plan.

A strategic IT plan is a guide for your business that encompasses all aspects of technology management. It should cover all costs of IT, including service calls, hardware, software, vendor management and more.

A strategy-focused IT Company will leverage the right tools and solutions for your needs in order to help you address the following pain points of IT:

  • Budget / ROI
  • Security concerns
  • Industry requirements
  • Any other unique needs or challenges

IT resolution doesn’t have to be a frustrating process either. Your IT company should be able to develop a strategic plan specifically for you to make sure you’re investing in the right solutions to truly help you meet your overall objectives and exceed your goals.

Keep in mind, IT strategy isn’t a one-time thing. Your IT company should work alongside your team to provide ongoing guidance, support, and services.

Automation Of Daily Tasks: Above we mentioned how your IT team is undoubtedly quite capable of handling the day to day tasks associated with IT maintenance. But should they have to be?

Modern IT management software has allowed for much of these tasks to be automated. Rather than paying a fulltime employee (or three) to do these menial tasks, outsource it for a simple fee to an IT company via a remote support solution, and then assign more important work to the staff you’ve invested so much in.

Second Opinion: Just as you would with a doctor or a mechanic, you should be sure to have your IT support processes and onsite hardware double checked on a regular basis. In doing so, you can verify the following aspects of your IT infrastructure:

  • Hardware Refresh. An analysis of all of the technology at your practice will help to ensure it’s all properly installed, effectively maintained, and well within its lifespan. This may sound simple, but that’s not always the case.
  • Opportunities For Improvement. Depending on how you had your current IT infrastructure built and implemented, there may be plenty of opportunities available to improve the way your IT works.
  • Price Check.  Lastly, an in-depth examination of your IT support will tell you whether or not you’re paying too much for what you’re getting. Think of it like a Request-For-Pricing: a standard practice in the business world that helps consumers ensure that they’re getting what they need at a competitive price.  By verifying how your IT expenses measure up against industry standards, you could find new opportunities to save money and budget for your technology more effectively.

Optimize Your Workflows

A capable IT company won’t just be able to consult on technology – they will also understand how business and IT intersect.

Again, with an outside perspective, an IT company can examine how you and your staff do your daily work and how you use technology. They’ll be able to note areas for improvement, helping you to eliminate redundant steps in common business practices and daily workflows, increasing your efficiency and reducing organizational waste.

Don’t think of an IT company as an unknown replacement for your familiar IT team. An IT company can do so much you won’t be able to manage internally, help you verify the effectivity of what you’re currently doing, and show you how to do it even better.

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