Get Expert Support for Home Computer in PA

Motz Technologies takes a no-job-is-too-small approach when it comes to supporting its customers in central and southern Pennsylvania. The firm’s home computing support means you experience less network downtime at home. 

When you are trying to work or relax at home and the devices that connect you to the internet — the rest of the world — let you down, it can be frustrating. If you’ve ever called your internet provider only to find out the problem lies elsewhere, you might not even know where to begin troubleshooting. Thankfully, Motz Technologies takes a no-job-is-too-small approach when it comes to supporting its customers in central and southern Pennsylvania. The firm’s computer support means you can solve many issues over the phone. You can also schedule a support call for issues that require on-site troubleshooting. Learn more about Motz Technologies’ computer repair and residential IT support.

Does Motz Technologies Fix Home Network and Computing Issues?

Motz Technologies does support your home computing needs. Everyone in your family counts on internet connectivity. Students rely on the internet for research and professionals may take video and conference calls from colleagues across the globe. For all these situations, you need computers or mobile devices where, when and how you want to use them.

Without a seamless and secure home IT setup, your ability to protect your family’s data and privacy is severely hampered. If you work from home, your home network needs to be reliable. You may be wondering how you can ensure that. The answer is contracting with a company with the expertise to solve problems and improve your system fast.

Smart homes are sliding off the movie screen and into your neighborhood. This means that your computing and connectivity needs will continue to grow. That’s why it makes sense to hire Motz Technologies for your home computer repair and IT support. Let us suggest budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home networks.

Who Provides PA’s Premier Residential Computer Services?

While you’re welcome to bring your computer to us, Motz Technologies offers residential customers effective computer repair and support. If you need remote support services, we can often sign into your system to troubleshoot over the phone. Using secure technology, we can update software, complete repairs and optimize your settings. You can also get user training to help you remain self-sufficient.

Hardware can be complicated and difficult to set up. Rely on local IT support to remove the burden from your shoulders when it comes to configuring and maintaining laptops, printers, home networking equipment and computers. Motz has courteous technicians that implement solutions, diagnose problems and communicate in simple language you can understand.

Cloud-based backup provides a recovery strategy for your important files and applications without busting your budget. You’ll also get anti-virus protection and monitoring tools that remove malware and viruses. This includes security solutions to protect your home networks.

How Can You Work From Home Efficiently and Securely?

Home networks simply cannot compete with the vast resources available at a corporation. Chances are you work from home at least part of the time. Most companies now have VPN or other remote access to allow associates to work seamlessly from home or on the go.

Increasingly, compliance is requiring more secure home networks as a condition of accessing the corporate network remotely. It might be a good idea to have a Motz technician audit your IT environment to ensure it adheres to company policies.

If you aren’t sure what software to install or want to make sure your Microsoft Office and other applications are up-to-date, contact Motz to find out how they ensure you get the latest version, with regularly scheduled updates. When you hire a local managed services provider for your home computing needs, you gain access to experts who monitor, manage and secure your environment.

How Does it Work?

At Motz Technologies, the focus is on the end client — you. We provide the following to our users:

  • A guarantee on every repair
  • Dedicated, clear help with no techie double-talk
  • Transparent billing
  • Support for most popular brands and devices

Once you join our family of clients, you gain immediate access to professional, certified and trained technicians who focus on the problem until it’s resolved.