Exemplary Computer Tech Support in Central Pennsylvania

As technology becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, the need for IT support has increased substantially. In fact, downtime is no longer an issue of inconvenience but a legitimate threat to productivity and profitability for any business. Motz Technologies understands that modern businesses need more than computer repair and troubleshooting. That’s why we offer exceptional online computer tech support for businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania. You and your teams can get the help you need with a problematic telephone service, a failed computer, network problems, and much more through live chat, phone calls, or remote login software.

And, as more and more employees work from home following the Covid-19 pandemic and the imminent transition to a hybrid work environment, it’s essential to partner with a trusted managed service provider (MSP) that delivers online support services. Motz Technologies recognizes this and offers the following online computer tech support services to Central Pennsylvania businesses.

Computer Tech Support In Central Pennsylvania

Access to Cloud Services and Technologies

Motz Technologies can help you deploy and manage cloud services and cloud technologies, such as Google, Microsoft, and specialty cloud applications. With our cloud computing services, you won’t have to store your own data on expensive in-house servers. We conveniently store your data on the cloud and make it accessible over a secure, encrypted network.

By leveraging our online computer tech support, you can access these hardware and software resources, provided you have an internet connection. Your employees will simply open their favorite web browsers, log in to the desired app, and get to work. Depending on your unique business needs, we may recommend one of the three primary cloud computing options available: platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or software as a service (SaaS).

Typically, SaaS is the most suitable solution for small- and medium-sized businesses since it delivers software to end-users. While any product or service delivered via the internet is considered a cloud solution, small businesses largely focus on SaaS as it offers access to ready-made software and services. Some popular cloud solutions we may help you deploy for your business include Google Workspace apps, Microsoft 365 apps, MailChimp, Squarespace, Dropbox, Hootsuite, Shopify, and more.

Around the Clock Services for Remote Workers

During the lockdown, many companies resorted to deploying remote workers or having staff members working from home, which has become the new normal. However, businesses are facing culture shock when shifting their business operations online. If your organization feels unprepared for this shift, Motz Technologies provides efficient online computer tech support to help you deliver outstanding IT support for your remote workers.

Here are some ways Motz Technologies can help you overcome the various hurdles that come with supporting remote workers:

  • Ensuring Devices are Up-to-date: Since your remote workers operate with company-owned equipment, we ensure that security updates and patches are always current. We also help you manage workers who may use personal devices to access the company network, which is a critical security risk.
  • Resolving Issues Quickly: Through online computer tech support, we handle your remote workers’ IT issues quickly and securely. Besides, we have a reliable help desk support team to attend to your employee issues 24/7.
  • Keeping Devices Secure: With the ever-evolving threat landscape, your remote workers may be exposed to the risks of malware attacks when browsing the internet via unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Hackers may capitalize on such vulnerabilities to intercept calls and texts or steal user credentials. That’s why we employ multilayer security tools to protect your company devices wherever they are.

Timely Onsite Services When Required

Whether you are supporting multiple branch locations or remote offices, the expertise of an onsite technician can go a long way in resolving IT issues and improving end-user satisfaction. Motz Technologies offers onsite IT services when needed to remedy the challenge of keeping up with the current IT trends and technologies.

We offer several flexible options for onsite IT support, so you can choose what is best for your specific IT goals. For instance, if you need a little help setting up a new branch location, we provide on-demand dispatch for a set period or a specific IT project. However, if you need extensive IT support for several days, recurring onsite services would be an ideal fit.

A huge benefit of our onsite IT support is the ability to provide hands-off IT management for your organization. By handling IT in-house, you may run into issues that take a lot of time to resolve, which inhibits productivity and eats into your bottom line.

Besides, juggling between business functions and IT concerns may take a huge chunk of time you would better off spend on growing your business. When you hire us for your online computer tech support, you’ll leverage the experience of our technicians in troubleshooting and resolving a broad range of IT problems promptly.

Reliable Help Desk Services

Your teams need someone to call or look to when they have computer or technology issues. Motz Technologies provides reliable, competent help desk services that meet all of your needs.
Our primary goal is to improve uptime by ensuring that your employees don’t veer off productive work because their computer is locked up or is infected by a virus or other roadblocks.

Our trusted team of online computer tech support experts can be your one-stop-shop. We have all the expertise you need to resolve tech issues with a single email or telephone call.
Additionally, we provide much more capability and capacity than a random IT technician who may lack a broad enough set of knowledge, skills, and experience to handle your technical issues or may only be available part-time.

Get Reliable Computer Tech Support in Central Pennsylvania!

Motz Technologies is your ultimate remote tech support company that offers flexible packages and pricing. While one-time fixes may provide substantial savings, an ongoing service plan often ensures the greatest value for teams with regular questions and minor technology issues. Motz Technologies specializes in helping local businesses with all their technical support needs.

When you trust us with online computer tech support, you can rest assured your information is protected from hackers. Additionally, we provide a sound backup strategy just in case something goes wrong. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our tech professionals.