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Do you know what you will do if your company’s computer system went down? If you are like most business owner, the answer is that you probably don’t have a clue. That is not surprising. In fact, most small and mid-sized businesses lack an established business continuity plan to address this type of situation.

Maintaining your company’s technology and ensuring your private data stays private is key to keeping your business up and running. Even a brief downtime can have a devastating impact on your finances and your hard-won reputation. Surveys show that even short downtimes costs businesses thousands of dollars in lost opportunities and productivity!

Know What to Look For in a Computer Repair Ephrata PA Company

Not all IT companies are the same. That is why you not only need an IT partner which has the ability to handle emergency repairs, but one which is able to keep all of your critical technology online 24/7. Before choosing any IT company for your needs, you need to be asking yourself the following questions:

  • How long has the company has been in business? Why trust your business to a fly-by-night company without a proven track record?
  • Who are the company’s current clients? You can learn a lot about a company by who they work with now. You can feel more confident if they are already working with companies similar to yours.
  • Do they have a quick response time? When your computers are down, every second counts. Make sure the company offers computers repair and servicing is available around the clock.
  • Do they offer all the IT services you need? No one wants to deal with multiple IT contracts. Simplify your life by finding one company which can do it all.

The answer is clear. When it comes to evaluating computer repair Ephrata PA companies use, your top choice should be Motz Technologies.

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Computer Repair Ephrata PA Companies Turn To When Their IT Really Matters

Motz Technologies has been a trusted IT partner in South Central Pennsylvania for years. Motz Technologies works with top-performing companies in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, law, construction, and more. Whatever your managed IT needs are, Motz Technologies has you covered. They offer a range of services including:

  • Data Backup and Recovery Solutions. Your data is your business. Natural disasters or criminal behavior can put your data at risk. Make sure you will always have access to your important information with Motz Technologie data services. Feel confident your data and reputation are secure.
  • Computer and Network Security. Firewalls and antivirus programs are no longer enough to protect businesses from cybercriminals. Motz Technologies offers computer security expertise which will keep hackers out and your data secure.
  • IT Helpline. No matter when you do business, Motz Technology has your back because rarely is just rebooting your computer is enough. Tech help for your servers, desktop computers, mobile devices, and more is just a phone call away whenever you need it.
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox Integration Solutions. Save time, increase productivity, and help protect your data with cloud computing. Motz Technologies offers complete migration and maintenance services to give you all the benefits the cloud without anyof the hassles

Stop gambling the future of your company with poor IT support. Call (717) 625-3852 to speak to an IT professional and learn how Motz Technologies can help your business.