Should My Business Use Google or Microsoft Office Tools?

Compare how Google and Microsoft stack up to one another when it comes to their spreadsheet, word processing and email offerings. Motz Technologies can install the office suite that suits your business.  

If you currently use Google or Microsoft as your primary word processing, spreadsheet or email tool, you might be wondering if your tool of choice is truly the best for what you want to accomplish. Motz Technologies offers support on making this determination for your business. Perhaps you love the simple interface of the G Suite, or maybe you need the feature-rich tools of Office365.

For example, Microsoft Excel and Word have tons of functionality, but this can make it hard to navigate the software if you’re a light user. Meanwhile, G Suite apps lack some of the features of Office365, though you can download browser add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Google and Microsoft products.

What Are the Differences Concerning Spreadsheets?

Google Docs provides a simple document creator, while Microsoft Word has heavy-duty tools for document creation. For some, a lot the tools offered by Microsoft aren’t needed; they may find Word a bit complicated to use.

Google has better real-time editing and sharing functions. For instance, Google Docs users can access a document and make or suggest edits that are flagged or highlighted. It’s easy to send notifications to members sharing the document. Microsoft Word performs those actions to a lesser degree. It has a review tab to suggest edits, but it’s not real-time or as simple as the Google equivalent.

Google Docs also archives previous edits, so nothing is lost. If you want convenience, you may want to go with Google’s Docs. It saves your work automatically and integrates common add-ons accessible from mobile devices. Ask your Motz Technology IT consultant for more information on how Google or Microsoft would work for you and your employees.

Microsoft Word gives long-time users a familiar interface and it can handle huge files. The desktop version is best if you have substantial document editing and processing to do. Microsoft is less collaborative than Google Docs, but the sheer number of users makes it a go-to tool if you want something your audience can easily work with.

In September 2018, Microsoft launched AI-powered features for its 365 suite. Microsoft Search, for example, combines the capabilities of Microsoft Graph and Bing AI technology to deliver customized search results for files across the organization. Also, Microsoft’s Ideas pane makes intelligent recommendations for images, design, and layouts.

What Are the Trade-offs Regarding Spreadsheets?

Motz Technologies pros can help you find the best deal for your company’s needs. Microsoft Excel beats out Google’s spreadsheet tool. Excel handles complex calculations and large data imports or exports. AI-powered enhancements help employees transform data and offer functionality improvements, such as fast spreadsheet lookup function.

Google Sheets can be a great tool. It can’t handle the same amount of data Excel does, but it’s a viable tool for light tasks. Sheets can make graphs, auto-fill sums and has add-ons that create maps and convert data into insights.

Overall, Google Sheets lacks Excel’s power. Therefore, if you need a robust spreadsheet capable of massive number crunching, you may want to go with Excel.

How About Microsoft Versus Google Email Clients?

Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite both have strong email clients. The pricing structure does vary, though. With Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials, your business can get 1 TB of file storage and 50 GB of mailbox storage for 300 users. Microsoft offers a premium business option, but the Business Essentials package more closely matches the G Suite’s Business plan.

With Google, though you get much more, it’s an online-only package. G Suite Business have unlimited mailbox storage, unlimited user access and 1 TB of cloud storage. Aesthetically, Google is simple and functional, and Microsoft’s desktop client has tons of features, but they can slow you down.

Consultants at Motz Technology can help you determine the best tools for your business and also provides support for IT needs. Contact us today to find out how our proven track record of success with local businesses would work with your business structure. We can also provide a free iinitial consultation.